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We are an infographic agency doing visual storytelling.

We transform data and information into captivating visuals and makes it easier to understand and remember.

We are visual storytellers that inform and inspires your audience.


Explain your story with animation

Is your content complex and difficult to understand?
Do you struggle reaching your audience?
We help you explain your story in a powerful, engaging and effective way.


Why create an Explainer video? 

As attention span of your audience gets shorter, the animation is the perfect way to deliver information in very little time. It’s engaging, emotional, convincing, but most important it’s effective that’ll make your audience go from I don't get it to Sign me up!


What do you need to get started?

It’s really not that complicated. All you need is a good story and a clear message.
Once you know WHAT you want to communicate, we’ll help you HOW to tell your story in the most convincing and memorable way.


What is the PROCESS?

We make all kinds of animations, for all kinds of clients. So every project is different and the stages may vary. However, having 5 years of experience we stick to our 5-steps process. We start with the brief to understand the objectives in order to move on with the concept, script and storyboard before we produce crisp design and animation.


How much?

We don't have a price list, sorry. All projects are different, but we can come up with a quick estimation based on your needs and requirements.
Just answer a few questions and we will get right back. No strings attached.


Birger Morgenstjerne
Partner & Managing Director
Mobil: +45 51929609